“The spirit of seduction, simply put.”

At the outset of the 20st century in their village in Hungary the Sivó family was producing remarkable fruit brandies. Their equipment may have been rudimentary but due to their craftsmanship the products were recognised for their quality throughout the county. Today, the distillery Sivó is located in the Montérégie. It uses highly refined methods of micro-distilling yet aiming the traditional objective: the highest quality that made the reputation of the Sivó family.

Janos Sivo, Maître distillateur






Maison Sivo's Microdistillery

Creating the first Quebec “Single Malt” and a true “Rye” without any tricks of the trade: just the carefully selected and milled grains distilled in small batches with the utmost attention and then transferred into gently toasted oak barrels where wood, grain and time unite to create a beautifully balanced spirit. The complex interplay of tastes and aromas delivers a transcendent sensory experience.

Our Aroma Still extracts the soul of our blueberries, raspberries, and black currants and conveys it to our brandies and liqueurs. Leaving it to Nature to create the colors, odors and aromas that will enthrall us…. What a transformation!

An Ecological




The Sivo farm – an ecological farm. But what does that mean?

Ecology is the study of the interactions between living organisms and their environment. An ecological farm aims to leave those interactions undisturbed, and to minimize its imprint on the Earth, our life’s main support.

This is the broad purpose but we aim higher.

We believe that an ecological approach opens ways to the creation of distinctive, artisanal products without harming the Earth. Indeed, to the contrary.

In choosing our berry plants we have favored the varieties with higher natural sugar content. This is to minimise the quantity of added sugar.

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Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards

November 16, 2019

Our Raspberry Liqueur of the Série Liquoriste has just won a gold medal at the most important wine and spirits competition in the world judged exclusively by women buyers – the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards. Held in London, England at the Royal Yacht Club, 100 of the world’s most influential female buyers assembled to … Read More

Visit of the Maison Sivo Distillery

October 11, 2019

Beginning in the fall 2019, from time to time, we will organise distillery tours. Visitors will be shown how we produce our whisky and our liquors. Visits are free of charge. You may obtain details and the date of the next tour by contacting us using the contact tab or by following us on Facebook.

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