Among the Best

December 26, 2015

Patrick Bourassa, founder and co-president of the Club de Scotch Whisky de Québec, was at the radio show Énergie 98.9 FM of Québec. They were 5 persons in the studio. Mr. Bourassa brought with him 3 bottles of whisky, the Knob Creek Rye, the Crown Royal Rye, and our L’essence du Single Malt 1ère Édition. He asked the persons in the studio which whisky was their favorite.
What was their verdict?
One person voted for the Knob Creek Rye, 2 for the Crown Royal Rye, and 2 for our whisky!
The Bible of Whisky recently announced that the Royal Crown Rye was the best whisky in the world.

We would like to thank Patrick Bourassa for this wonderful demonstration of our excellence!

A Gentleman’s Liquor

December 22, 2015

Are you looking for the best liquor of the Holidays? Raphaël de Gaspard has found it. He recommends 4 liquors to offer during the Holidays. The L’essence du Single Malt 1ère Édition is among them! Go read Raphaël de Gaspard’s article (in French).
Article online: click here.
We would like to thank Raphaël de Gaspard of Ton Barbier – Gentleman Urbain.