May 3, 2021

Sivo Selection Single Malt’s first vintage was uniquely selected from a no. 46 cask. This oak barrel was previously used for aging sherry, producing a vintage that is sweet and woody, but with a profile not unlike that of wine. The no. 46 cask reveals prominent aromas of raisins, nuts, and tobacco. Consider it a very accessible vintage that’s sure to please. The next Selection Single Malt has already been chosen: it will be a Single Malt originating from a distillation of Peated Malt, which will fully assume its peaty, iodized, and smoky profile — a first for whisky from Quebec.

Sivo Selection Rye’s first vintage — a finely peated rye — is an adventure. This selection of peated grains, typically considered unconventional in the making of a rye whisky, makes it completely one of a kind. The unmistakable aromas of wood and vanilla complement this vintage’s deeply rooted smokiness well. The balance is not hard to find. It is a great introduction into the world of peated whiskies. The final 300 bottles of Sivo Selection Rye’s first batch will be introduced at SAQ during the last week of May. Production of a second batch is expected in just over a year to ensure impeccable quality. Note to collectors: a few bottles are patiently awaiting you at our Franklin distillery and will be available during opening hours and guided tours.